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Six Degrees Exhibitions is proud to present the fine photography of Doug Heslep, Jonathan Kane, and Detlef. All three photographers currently reside in Southwest Florida.

Doug Heslep opened his commercial, fashion and editorial photography studio in Ft. Myers during 1988. His first exhibit of photographic fine art was in 1991, and he has since then embarked on a journey to capture his visions on canvas, examining every detail, and striving for perfection.

The work of Jonathan Kane deals with the human psyche and the development of our personal identity. His photography is a theoretical glimpse into the private world of self-awareness and attempts to suggest how the self interacts with its own perceived identity.

Detlef has always been a big fan of innovation and technology and has embraced them to adapt to his vision of the future. The attitude in Detlef's Wall Art comes from the diverse interests that define him. Detlef feels that if you are not "pushing the envelope" and not breaking things every once in a while, you are not trying hard enough.

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