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Whether seeking greater regional visibility, increased sales or more bang for their marketing buck, individual gallery owners across the country have combined forces and formed associations to help them achieve these goals. From simple endeavors, such as creating a gallery guide or map for tourists, to larger ones, such as turning a little-known region into an arts destination or lobbying the local government for greater cultural recognition, the sky is the limit of what a united association can achieve.



These days the greater Naples area is an arts destination. Last year, area cultural institutions hosted more than 700 performances and 100 exhibits and festivals that were attended by more than one million visitors, according to the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce.


In addition to co-funding ongoing advertising and marketing pieces, the group, called the Naples Gallery Row Fine Art Dealer's Association, paid for "Gallery Row" banners that line the street. The association also coordinates show dates and times, often running them simultaneously. With each gallery utilizing its mailing list to announce simultaneous show dates, the traffic is greatly increased from what it would be with only one show and one mailing list.

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